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5/5 for the quality of animation alone. I hope people can appreciate this on the level I did.


poor animation but awesome plot

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Great song, lacking in the mixdown

I love the melodies, so reminiscent of Jaded by Deadmau5, infact the perc loop is exactly the same, which is a good thing because I love that song. The only tip i can think of doing is widening the pads and other less important sounds in the mix to clear up the middle of the mix for the smooth drop, which imo is lacking in the bass department, maybe and a subbass lowpassed at 130 so it doesn't overwhelm the bass and then sidechain that to your kick. Also try bussing all your drums into one chain and warming them up with multiband compression and subtle EQing. Just remember, to tidy up the mix you have to be surgical with the EQ, and subtract ALL unwanted frequencies, use an spectrum analyser to do this and your ears as well. Best of luck, i'd send this to a label if I were you :)

aliaspharow responds:

Oh shit i didn't even notice that. I got it off vengeance. I should probably change it :P

Delicious tune

Could use a tiny bit more work in the mastering and mix down, sounds like its been slammed at the ceiling and hard limited, but it's a really great production reminds me of shingo nakamura and kazusa as well as adam k and soha. keep it up!

What dubstep should be

This is the essence of dubstep to all the uneducated fools who think the 'wubs' should be louder have obviously never heard of the likes of benga or skream, and only listen to doctor p, datsik, rusko, flux pavillion etc,etc. The piano is deliciously warm in the mix and the drums have been compressed perfectly and are quite punchy, the wobbles aren't 'gnarly' 'dirty' but compound the sycopation of the beat and add abit of grime to the classiness of the piano and the vocal samples. Before you review try to understand more about the genre, more about production and just listen to music with an open mind and not be a such a genre nazi.

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